This app started as a playtime tracker for coaches but because of the strong and activity community has quickly become the most fully featured app for the price. Donwload, Enjoy, and leave a review and help us climb the iTunes charts!
Lacrosse Stat Recorder 3000 is the premier tracking app for Lacrosse stats! The app is the simple, fast and easy way to track stats, playtime, team possession time and much more.
The app allows for individual stat tracking as well as team stat tracking in a very easy to use interface! Regardless of if you have an iPad or an iPhone this app allows you to enter in stats quickly.
Data is an advantage and Lacrosse Stat Recorder 3000 provides an easy way of collecting data from which teams and players can utilize to improve.
Review past games and then send the complete game summary to yourself or others via email! Email includes a formatted data file in CSV format for xls data crunching.
Brand new views for looking at all players stats and year to date stats for all games! Export Player Stats or Player Team Stats as well!
Players and teams can have pictures taken to personalize the feel and look for each participant who is being tracked.
Possession timer allows for the running clock to continue while possession is frozen waiting for play to resume.
Pause feature allows users to watch games, record stats and walk away and come back and pick up right where they left off. Stop the clock in a live match just like a ref.
Edit and Add missing game events in the post game review mode!
Coaches immediately create more engagement for players not on the field by bringing your iPad or iPhone and letting them collect stats while waiting to get in!
Parents keep track of your players accomplishments and playtime!