How about some randomness when creating a team?! This app makes separating teams a breeze, set the total number of players, number of teams and generate teams! No names needed, just line people up and hit generate. Want to add names? No problem app has that feature as well! Want to have those names stored into groups of people... like if you have multiple classes, or multiple soccer groups, or game nights! App does that too! How about being able to rate players and have the app automatically separate the best into teams! Turn player Ratings on and off in the settings menu! Player from a group not here that week, easily mark them as inactive and create new random teams. Don't like the random generated lineup? Do it again! Sort them, slice them, dice them! Lock players to certain teams to separate players to create even teams with random players filling in the remaining spots. Want to change people within that list, just press the team # to cycle them through the teams. Email the random teams before the event? This app has that as well! This is a free app, but if you want to support the development efforts for this and other apps purchase the remove ad feature and the unlimited groups feature! Please, Please Please leave a review. We appreciate hearing from you!